audimax Na.Wi: FÜR FRIEDEN UND ZUKUNFTSFÄHIGKEIT – Interview mit Malte Albrecht

Für Frieden und Zukunftsfähigkeit – Diese Verantwortung wollen die Naturwissenschaftler von NatWiss übernehmen. Vorstandsvorsitzender Malte Albrecht erzählt im Interview mit autimax Na.Wi 11/2018, warum dieses Engagement wichtig und richtig ist.

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INES NGO Statement to the NPT Prepatory Committee Meeting 2017

Missiles, Missile Defenses and Space Weapons as Obstacles to Nuclear Disarmament

NGO Statement to the NPT Prepatory Committee Meeting 2017

The opportunities for nuclear disarmament after the end of the Cold War were missed. Although the number of nuclear weapons of the United States and Russia have been reduced, there are still more than 15,000 nuclear weapons that threaten life on Earth. The number of nuclear weapon states has increased and new conflicts emerged, from Yugoslavia and the Iraq war to the civil wars in Afghanistan, Ukraine, Syria, Libya and other African nations, aggravated by the quest for expansion and dominance. Terror attacks, refugee movements and climate change are contributing to the world’s instability. Grave concerns are justifiably held concerning the spiraling threats of missile proliferation, missile defense and space weapons programs, which are increasing the likelihood of nuclear war and are major obstacles to nuclear disarmament. „INES NGO Statement to the NPT Prepatory Committee Meeting 2017“ weiterlesen