Declaration of NatWiss on the global Marches for Science

Declaration of Scientists for Peace Germany (NatWiss) on the global Marches for Science

 The manifold statements of US President Donald Trump on restricting research on climate change and other scientific areas as well as his style of politics based on “fake news” provokes protests from science. These protests are legitimate and their global support should be as large, impressive and diverse as possible.

These actions also offer the opportunity to articulate critical questions. It is possible to understand and change the world, based on scientific knowledge which is vital in the struggle for a peaceful, sustainable and just world.

  • Science is committed to peace while military research has to be rejected and may not be promoted and supported. More civil clauses at universities are needed instead of European military research programs.
  • Research and teaching are highly needed to solve the great challenges of global problems as well as the transformation to a just and sustainable world. Research for pure high-tech science, a main focus on industrial development, and the reckless exploitation of natural resources should be critically assessed.
  • Scientists need to have sufficient social security and adequate finances. Their jobs should meet the requirements for “good work”. Responsible research may only blossom if not subordinated under economic or political pressures which provoke competition, unscrupulousness, and existential fears.

Freedom of science needs societal, ethical and personal responsibility for the own work, also including research on the problems and consequences of political actions. “Good science” demands openness, transparency, and a critical self-reflection which asks questions and challenges assertions.

These challenges translate into requirements for the own scientific community, the supporters of the Marches for Science as well as of the political decision makers in the scientific field and beyond. As a societal task, science has to be sufficiently financed und supported by the state to reduce dependencies. We are aware of the dangers to responsible science by tendencies hostile to science. Therefore we actively participate in the March for Science in order to represent our efforts for peace, disarmament and sustainability.

Berlin, 22.04.2017

Contact: Lucas Wirl, geschaeftsfuehrung [at], +49 (0) 176-64103500

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